What is VacationRentalRome.com?

VacationRentalRome.Com belongs to Wizzapartments.Com (Vincent De Ville Properties), an International travel agency specialized in online short-term rentals all lover the world. With years of experience in vacation rentals we handle more than xxx apartments, B&Bs and hotels in Los Angeles, Rome, Budapest, and Las Vegas. Our easy-to-use rental service provides an automatic online booking system which allows our clients to book holiday apartments in REAL TIME with INSTANT CONFIRMATION.

What service does VacationRentalRome.Com provide?

You have two options to choose from: with our

  1. INSTANT BOOKING SERVICE you get reservations in real time directly into your mailbox, for FREE.
  2. FULL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, you can also buy yourself some extra free time by leaving to us everything from cleaning, through changing sheets to receiving your guests.

Why register your apartment with us?

  • It is FREE
  • Get more bookings
  • NO exclusivity: you can continue taking your personal bookings
  • You decide your prices and allocations of your apartment
  • You will be able to update your own allocation calendar online
  • You may cancel your registration any time

Why VacationRentalRome.Com is better than other similar sites?

On the contrary of other travel websites where you can only have a spot to make publicity of your accommodation in exchange of paying commission, we cost nothing, but we are really there for you. We provide local management and real people you can always talk to or ask for help or advices. We will work on creating a family-like, trusty relationship with our affiliates. Moreover, our head office is based in the United States so you can truly rely on payments ON TIME, 24hours after the guest has checked-out!


How can I register my apartment?

You simply fill in our registration form online and upload the photos of your property. Kindly fill in as many fields as you can. The more information is given, the better. Your listing will be reviewed, activated and ready to receive real time bookings with instant confirmation within 24/48 hours directly into your mailbox. We may contact you if there is anything missing, so please provide us information on how you prefer to be contacted (mail or phone).

If you do have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via Email, telephone, or Skype.



What YOU do:

  • Fill in the registration form
  • Give as many details as you can about your accommodation
  • Fix your prices
  • Upload the photos of your accommodation (Pay attention that the photos are not too big and not too small. Best resolution is: 300 DPI, or optimized for web use)

What WE do:

  • Within 24/48 hours we activate your listing on our website by creating a unique web page for your accommodation.
  • We make publicity of your accommodation online
  • We provide 24h costumer service for any needs you may have
  • We will contact you on the phone at your first booking to make sure things are OK
  • We will contact you on the phone each time you fail to confirm the booking within 24 hours from the reservation by emailing the client (CC to us) your exact house number and phone number. (Please refer to our standard email confirmation letter at the end of our agreement).

What the CLIENT does?

Upon arrival he/she will give you 100% of the price fixed in the registration form, in Cash.