For Owners

What types of accommodations does VacationRentalRome.Com list?

1. Apartments 2. Villas 3. Cabins 4. Hotels

How much can I profit on vacation rental?

Prices vary pretty much. One night can cost from 30 up to 300 Euros. Of course it depends a lot on your accommodation’s amenities, on the location and the season. Check out our apartments' daily prices on our website and estimate how much your apartment could make in a month with us.

Why is it better to rent out short-term instead of long-term?

Rome is one of the most touristic places in the world. People flow here constantly from everywhere. It is very convenient to rent out your place on short-term, even though there will be off days, your monthly income will be definitely higher as if you rented it out on long term

What if I do not have time to take care of the apartment, organizing cleaning and receiving the guests?

Then VacationRentalRome.Com is the best solution for you. With our Full Property Management option we take care of everything for you. We check-in/out your guests, we do the cleaning, we change the sheets and also collect your utility bills for you. The only thing left to do is to check your bank account at the end of the month!

What if once, let’s say in a case of emergency I am unable to receive my guests?

Just give us a call, we pick up your keys and provide to the check-in and check-out if you would like to. Please consider the Full Property Management option, that would allow you to have more free time by entrusting us with the full management of your unit, including check-in/out, cleaning, and collecting utility bills.

How much does this cost me?

Nothing. We take our commission from the client for our Instant booking service. We do not charge you a cent!

Do I have to sign a contract?

Instead of dealing with your tenants and signing contracts every single time, you are asked to sign our agreement form ONCE in which you declare that you are the owner or manager in charge of the unit. In addition you assume responsibility of the information provided to us. From that moment on there is NO MORE PAPERWORK FOR YOU. Our clients accept our terms and conditions at the end of each booking so we will guarantee you both the clients and the bookings.

Who is responsible for damages in my apartment?

With our Booking Service we are not responsible for any damages made by the guests, but within reason we will help you to collect such damage costs using the guest’s credit card details. however we only retain such details for 14 days after the reservation is made, not after check-out! Under Full Property Management we attempt to undertake responsibility for damages. Under this service we save all credit card details permanently. We will attempt to charge the guest’s credit card a reasonable amount for damages incurred. But if we are not successful in charging the guest’s credit card, we assume no responsibility for any damages made.

Who pays for the utility bills?

These expenses are included in the rates you give us.